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Top 10 external graphics card

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Best external graphics card Reviews

Bestseller No. 1Bestseller No. 1
Tritton SEE2 Xtreme, USB to DVI or VGA External Video Card, 1920x1200 Max Resolution
  • Video Card 1920 x 1200 Max Resolution.
  • Supports Windows XP 32 / 64 Bit, Vista 32 / 64 Bit, and Mac OS X 10.4
  • Supports the following modes: Extended Desktop / Mirror / Primary / Rotated Resolution (PC Only)
  • DVI to VGA Adapter Included.
  • Please refer to the manufactures website for any query and for downloading latest drivers
SaleBestseller No. 2Bestseller No. 2
Diamond Multimedia BVU195 USB 2.0 to VGA/DVI/HDMI Video Graphics Adapter up to 2048x1152/1920x1080 - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, MAC OS and Android 5.0 and higher
  • Easily Connect Multiple Displays- to your Notebook, Macbook or Desktop PC (One adapter per display required) using a single USB 2.0 connection in minutes. Perfect solution to expand your view, works space and productivity
  • USB 2.0 TO DVI/HDMI/VGA ADAPTER- Delivers HD video to your HD display or projector. Supports video resolutions up to 2048 x 1152. Mirror or Extend your desktops to any DVI/HDMI/VGA display or Projector
  • Plug and Display- Displaylink Certified (DL-195 Chipset). Expand your work space and increase your productivity in minutes
  • USB Self Powered- Uses 80% less power than internal discrete graphic cards
  • Perfect Travel Accessory - With Support for DVI, HDMI and or VGA outputs you can always be sure you're ready to connect to any type of display or projector for your presentations
SaleBestseller No. 3Bestseller No. 3
Plugable USB 2.0 to VGA / DVI / HDMI Video Graphics Adapter for Multiple Monitors up to 1920x1080 (Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP & Chromebook)
  • Connect multiple additional monitors to your Windows laptop, desktop, or tablet PC (one display adapter required per monitor) to expand your workspace and increase your productivity
  • Create a large desktop by spanning/extending displays using any VGA, DVI, or HDMI monitor or projector. DisplayLink DL-165 chipset supports resolutions up to 1920x1080@60Hz (1080P)
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1/8, 7, XP (drivers available via Windows Update, direct download, or CD). Compatible with 2015 and later Chromebooks. Mac & Linux not supported
  • Requires up-to-date, WDDM compatible graphics driver in Windows; most modern Windows systems meet this requirement. Some graphics drivers (Intel HD4000 and prior) do not support mirror/cloned external display in Windows 10. You cannot mirror more than two displays due to a limitation at the operating system level
  • We love our Plugable products and hope you will too. All of our products are backed with a 1-year limited parts and labor warranty and Seattle-based email support
SaleBestseller No. 4Bestseller No. 4 USB to DVI External Video Card Multi Monitor Adapter with 1920x1200 Graphics Cards USB2DVIE3 (Black)
  • Connect a DVI display for an extended desktop multi-monitor USB solution
  • Compatible with Windows 7 & 8 USB equipped computers such as HP PRO 4300 and DVI equipped HD monitors
  • USB Video / Multi Monitor Adapter / USB Video Card / USB to Video Adapter Converter
  • Create a dual monitor setup in your home office
  • Triple screen work station
SaleBestseller No. 5Bestseller No. 5
StarTech USB to VGA External Video Card Multi Monitor Adapter - 1920x1200 - USB to VGA External Graphics Card
  • Connect a VGA display for an entry-level extended desktop
  • Multi-monitor USB to VGA Solution
  • External Graphics Card with resolutions up to Up to 1920x1200
  • USB to VGA Cable / USB to VGA Adapter / USB to VGA Converter
  • Windows Only OS Compatible
Bestseller No. 6Bestseller No. 6
J-Tech Digital JTD-USB3-HDMI USB 3.0 To HDMI External Video Card Multi Monitor and HDTV Adapter
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to HDMI conversion delivers improved bandwidth compared to a USB 2.0 connection for smoother, high-definition video content
  • HDTV or projector compatible. It supports resolution up to 1920x1080 (1080P) 32bit true color
  • It is capable of mirroring or extending display with audio output
  • Quick, easy installation, Powered from USB and not external power adapter is needed
  • Free lifetime technical support from the manufacture and free 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from J-Tech Digital
SaleBestseller No. 7Bestseller No. 7 USB to DVI Adapter - External USB Video Graphics Card for PC and Mac - 1920 x 1200 (USB2DVIPRO2)
  • Connect an additional HDMI display to your MacHDMI or PC with USB 3.0 technology capable of video playback at 1080p
  • Compatible with Mac OSX & Windows 7 / 8 USB equipped desktop & laptop computers and HDMI equipped televisions and projectors
  • USB Video / Multi Monitor Adapter / USB Video Card / USB 3.0 HDMI Video Card
  • 1080p Video Playback
  • Dual or Triple monitor for home office or BOYD (Bring your own Device) work stations
Bestseller No. 8Bestseller No. 8
Akitio Thunder2 PCIe Box - Not intended for the use of Graphic Cards
  • Two ThunderboltTM 2 ports for lightning fast speeds of up to 20Gb/s
  • 1 PCIe (x16) slot supporting half-length, full-height, double-width cards
  • 4 lane PCI Express 2.0 compliant interface at 5.0Gbps
  • Removable back panel for double-width cards
  • This Product was not intended for the use of Graphic Cards
SaleBestseller No. 9Bestseller No. 9
Alienware Graphics Amplifier (9R7XN)
  • Amplify your performance Step up your graphics performance with support for a full-length, double-wide, desktop graphics card that do not exceed 10.5 inches in length
  • Designed for Alienware 13 R2, 15 R2, 15 R3, Alpha R2, M17xR2, M17xR3, X51 R3, R2 notebooks LCD or on any external display connected to the amplifier
  • Includes a 460 Watts internal power supply, GPU is not included, peripherals dock to the amplifer with four built-in USB 3.0 ports
  • Plug in with a single proprietary cable, included in box, exclusively made for Alienware R2 laptops, it is a system bus extender, has stealth black color
  • Compatibility for available GPUs compared to TBT3 options and offer support for a single full-length, dual-wide, PCI-Express x16 graphics card, support graphic cards of up to 375W and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 as well as AMD Radeon HD 5000 series and newer
Bestseller No. 10Bestseller No. 10
Cougar Case QBX
  • Case Type: Mini ITX Case. A full, pro-level computer, including support for high-end graphic cards, up to 4 SSD, 7 fans with water cooling and much more, all in a compact case. QBX can fit almost anywhere you could want to put a computer in.
  • M/B Type: Mini ITX
  • Internal: 1x 3.5", 4x 2.5"
  • Expansion Slots: 1
  • Front I/O Panel: 2x USB 3.0 Ports, HD Audio
Bestseller No. 11Bestseller No. 11
UGRREN USB 3.0 to DVI VGA HDMI Adapter USB Dual DVI Video Card External Graphics Card DVI USB Converter for Multiple Monitors
  • USB 3.0 to dual DVI/HDMI/VGA video card adapter allows you to easily add 2 external DVI/HDMI/VGA monitors, displays, HDTVs simultaneously to your desktop or laptop through a single USB 3.0/2.0 interface (support max 6 monitors on Windows PC, one adapter support 2 monitors). It saves you the trouble of opening the computer case and risk to void manufacturer warranty. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 data transfer rates 5Gbps, also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports
  • It adopts the latest DisplayLink DL-3900 chipset, and supports monitors, LCD, displays, projectors with DVI, HDMI or VGA interface(2 DVI adapters included). DVI (24 +1) output: support DVI and HDMI; DVI(24 + 5) output: support for DVI and VGA. Supports resolutions up to 2048*1152 @ hz (1920 x1200 for analog VGA). NOTE: When connect both HDMI and VGA outputs, pls plug a micro usb cable to offer extra power(micro usb cable not included).
  • Synchronized Audio & Video: DVI and VGA can only process video signal, this adapter additionally provids with a 3.5mm line-out jack. Let you connect this adapter to your TV or external speakers through a 3.5mm jack audio cable(sold separately). (Sound settings: Sound-Output-USB Audio). However, when you connect this adapter to HDMI displays, audio and video would be transfered simultaneously over one HDMI cable, no need extra audio cables
  • Multiple Functions: support Mirror, Extend, Rotate, Primary(set as main screen); Aluminum case design, with better heat dissipation. USB 3.0 cable length: 20inch;Micro USB female is optional for power to enhance stable performance
  • Great Compatibility: support Windows10/8.1/8/7/XP, Mac OS 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11 El Capitan(drivers via Windows Update, direct download, or disk available). DO NOT support for Linux, Chrome OS and Mac OS 10.13 and above.). For latest Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.11 EI Capitan driver download, welcome to contact us.
Bestseller No. 12Bestseller No. 12
TNP USB to VGA/DVI/HDMI External Video Graphics Adapter Converter Card For Dual Multi Display Monitor Setup Multiple Extended Desktop Screen Connector for Windows Mac PC Desktop Laptop Notebook
  • Expand your visual workspace by easily connect multiple additional monitors to your laptop, desktop, or tablet PC to increase work efficiency and productivity; Our system has the ability to add up to six extra displays. Even if your computer only has one display connector; Connect displays with standard VGA DVI HDMI cable to this adapter and USB-A or USB-C port to computer, even works through USB hubs
  • Allows you to connect an extra monitor to your desktop PC or laptop's USB port. The connected monitor can be configured to either clone your primary screen, or extend the Windows desktop allowing visibility of more applications at the same time
  • The USB 2.0 Graphic Adapter driver used to control the extra screen uses very little computer resource and offers a vast array of screen resolutions and color depths. This ensures that there is little difference in performance between a directly connected screen and a screen connected through the USB 2.0 Graphic Adapter
  • Supports up to six simultaneous displays (one display adapter required per monitor), including widescreen displays, extending your desktop and your horizons. It operates at a high resolution of 1600x1200/1680x1050/1920x1080
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP and later; Mac Sierra 10.12, Yosemite 10.10, El Capitan 10.11, Mavericks 10.9, Mountain Lion 10.8, Lion 10.7, Snow Leopard 10.6 and later; Linux Ubuntu 14.04.x LTS and 16.04 LTS
SaleBestseller No. 13Bestseller No. 13
ASUS ROG-XG-STATION-2 2 Thunderbolt 3 USB 3.0 External Graphics Card Dock
  • Upgrade your laptop or tablet's graphics performance to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 9/10 series and later or AMD Radeon R9/RX and later. Graphics card not included
  • Supports one full-length, dual-wide PCIe x16 card and 5 x USB 3.0 ports for peripheral connectivity
  • AURA Sync ready with the ROG XG Station 2's plasma tube
  • 600W internal power supply delivers support for your graphics card and laptop/tablet
  • Pairs perfectly with the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro (T303) and UX series Zen Books
SaleBestseller No. 14Bestseller No. 14
Akitio Node - Thunderbolt3 eGPU for Windows (Now Compatible w/ Thunderbolt3 Mac Running MacOS High Sierra Using AMD Cards)
  • Currently only supports AMD on MacOS High Sierra
  • Multiple GPU cards supported over Windows
  • ThunderboltTM 3 for lighting fast transfer speeds up to 40 Gbps
  • Built-in 400W SFX power supply to provide extra power to GPU
  • 1 PCIe (x16) slot supporting full-length, full-height, double-width cards
Bestseller No. 15Bestseller No. 15
USB 3.0 to HDMI-VGA-DVI Monitor External Video Card Adapter,Rongyuxuan Monitor Outputs HDMI DVI-D and VGA,Support Via 3.5mm Stereo Mini-jack Full HD1920x1080p(Black)
  • USB POWERED - No external power adapter required
  • CONNECT DUAL DISPLAYS -Using either HDMI + DVI-D or HDMI + VGA combinations
  • SUPER SPEED -Fully compliant with USB3.0 specifications/USB 2.0 specifications
  • SUPPORT DISPLAY MODE- Main screen display mode,extend the desktop mode and image display mode
  • OS COMPATIBILITY - Windows10/8.X/7/XP - Apple OSX El Capitan(10.11). Not support above MAC OS 10.11 Yosemite(10.10)Mavericks(10.9)Mountain Lion(10.8)Lion(10.7)Snow Leopard(10.6).Note: Extended displays are currently only supported with DisplayLink-based products on macOS 10.6 to 10.13.3.
SaleBestseller No. 16Bestseller No. 16
V.TOP USB 2.0 Male to VGA Female Multi Monitor External Graphics Video Card up to 1920x1080 - (Supports Windows 10, 8.1,7, XP, Andorid)
  • Connect up to four adapters to one PC for a true extended desktop experience.
  • USB-Powered operation, no external power adapter required | Quick and easy installation.
  • Note - Power PC-based Macintosh computers, such as late-model iMacs, PowerBooks and PowerMacs, are not currently supported.
  • Optimal performance at 1920x1080 @ Usb2.0 port | - Mac OS 10.12 is not supported due to significant limitations in the operating system.
  • OS Compatibility -XP(32-bit), 7, 8, 8.1, 10 | Chrome OS v51 (This USB video adapter uses a DisplayLink family chipset. If you're connecting this device to a computer along with additional USB video adapters or docking stations, please avoid using devices with a Trigger or Fresco family chipset).
Bestseller No. 17Bestseller No. 17
XCSOURCE EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card PCI-E Graphics Card for Beast Dock Mini PCI-E AC774
  • V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop external independent video card dock w/ expresscard data line and 6 Pin/8 Pin power supply cable.
  • Dual TD compatible switch (resolution of hardware conflict). Multi power automatic switching (support for soft start).
  • High quality imported electronic component, multistage anti interference and Isolation protection circuit.
  • Enhanced MINI PCI-E data line with 26pin interface, supports 54 type and 34 type expresscard interface.
  • With 6pin interface for connecting video card power supply; 8pin interface for connecting EXP GDC power supply.
Bestseller No. 18Bestseller No. 18
XCSOURCE EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card PCI-E Graphics Card for Beast Dock Expresscard AC773
  • V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop external independent video card dock w/ expresscard data line and 6 Pin/8 Pin power supply cable.
  • Dual TD compatible switch (resolution of hardware conflict). Multi power automatic switching (support for soft start).
  • High quality imported electronic component, multistage anti interference and Isolation protection circuit.
  • Enhanced expresscard data line with 26pin interface, supports 54 type and 34 type expresscard interface.
  • With 6pin interface for connecting video card power supply; 8pin interface for connecting EXP GDC power supply.
Bestseller No. 19Bestseller No. 19 USB32HD2 USB to Dual HDMI Adapter - 4K - External Video Card - USB to HDMI Adapter - Monitor Adapter - USB 3.0 to HDMI
  • Use this USB video adapter to connect two independent HDMI displays to a single USB port
  • Increase your productivity by connecting two independent displays via a USB 3.0 hub
  • USB to HDMI adapter / External video card / HDMI to USB adapter / HDMI USB adapter / Monitor adapter / USB 3.0 to HDMI / USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter / USB to dual HDMI adapter / USB HDMI adapter / USB to HDMI display adapter / HDMI dual monitor / USB 3 to HDMI / USB 3 to HDMI / USB hub / USB to HDMI video adapter
  • Add astonishing picture quality to your computer by adding support for resolutions up 4K. OS Compatibility-Windows 10 (32/64),Windows 8 / 8.1 (32/64),Windows 7(32/64)
SaleBestseller No. 20Bestseller No. 20
Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box, Thunderbolt 3-to eGPU PCIe Card Expansion System (GPU-350W-TB3Z)
  • Connects High Performance GPU Cards to computers with a Thunderbolt 3 port. Also supports AVID HDX, Red Rocket-X and other full-length x16 PCIe cards.
  • 350W power supply supports up to 300W card (up to 8-pin + 6-pin power connectors) and provides up to 15W of Power Delivery to charge a laptop.
  • Breakaway Box has one Thunderbolt 3 port and includes a 0.5m 40Gb Thunderbolt 3 cable
  • Mac: Supports AMD Radeon RX 470,480,570,580 on Thunderbolt 3 Macs with macOS High Sierra (Boot Camp not supported). macOS supports two Breakaway Boxes.
  • Windows: Supports NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060,1070/Titan X, Xp,V/Quadro P4000,P5000 or AMD Radeon RX 560,570,580/WX 5100,7100 on Thunderbolt 3 computers with Windows 10.
Bestseller No. 21Bestseller No. 21
Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Box GTX 1070 Graphic Card GV-N1070IXEB-8GD eGPU
  • Embedded GeForce GTX 1070 enables graphics-intensive game and VR experience
  • Thunderbolt 3 plug and play. Multi-view : 4
  • Supports Quick Charge (QC 3.0) and Power Delivery (PD 3.0)
  • Thunderbolt 3 plug and play
  • Supports 3x USB 3.0 for peripheral devices
SaleBestseller No. 22Bestseller No. 22
USB 3.0 to VGA Adapter, Darrent USB to VGA Video Graphic Card Display External Cable Adapter for for PC Laptop Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP (Black)
  • Little Szie and powerful function: High-speed USB3.0 to VGA external video (USB TO VGA converter) uses the latest high-performance chip, to connect a USB-enabled devices( such as laptop, desktop) with a VGA-enabled devices( such as monitor, projector, TV) for multi-monitor solution.
  • Big function: Support multi-window task, does not need additional power, USB2.0 / 3.0 Super low-power technology, lossless compression technology.
  • High Resolution: If connected to USB3.0 devices, resolution is adjustable and the maximum resolution can be up to 1920x1080; if connected to USB2.0 devices, resolution is 800x600.
  • Built-in Driver. No need to install CD. Note: USB to VGA does not support MAC ( Apple) systems, tablets and Windows XP systems.
  • Wide Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
Bestseller No. 23Bestseller No. 23
XCSOURCE V8.4 EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card PCI-E 16X Graphics Card M.2 A Key with NGFF Cable and ATX PSU Power Cable AC866
  • ATX, PTD compatible switch (hardware conflict resolution).
  • Multistage anti interference circuit. Isolation protection circuit.
  • Multi power automatic switching (support for soft start).
  • High quality imported electronic components.
  • Double copper technology to enhance system power supply.
Bestseller No. 24Bestseller No. 24
Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Gaming Box Graphic Cards GV-N1080IXEB-8GD
  • Embedded GeForce GTX 1080 enables graphics-intensive game and VR experience
  • Thunderbolt 3 Plug and play
  • Easy to carry with portable size
  • Supports quick charge (qc 3.0) and power delivery (PD 3.0)
  • Supports 3x USB 3.0 for peripheral devices and AC input is 100-240V ~ / 7-3.5A / 60-50Hz, digital max resolution is 7680x4320
Bestseller No. 25Bestseller No. 25
OLSUS HDMI to Mini PCI-E Cable Specific for EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock
  • It' s only used for EXP GDC External Independent Video Card Dock.
  • Specific for EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock
SaleBestseller No. 26Bestseller No. 26
PCIE Riser 1X TO 16X Graphics Extension for GPU Mining Powered Riser Adapter Card, 60cm USB 3.0 Cable, 4 Solid Capacitors, Two 6PIN and Molex 3 Power Options (VER 009S, 6-Pack)
  • STABLE and SAFE: 4 Solid Capacitors deliver power to Graphics stably and safely.
  • STABLE CABLE: 60cm USB 3.0 cable, very soft and easy to place and route. Cable with shield net inside is more stable for mining. PCI-E 1x to 16x powered riser adapter card with multi-layer shielded wire will not weaken the signal within 3 meters.
  • VER 009S: Version 009S riser kits are the newest and top of the line solution for setting up GPU mining rigs.
  • REDUCE MOTHERBOARD BURDEN: 4PIN, and two Graphic card 6PIN interface (two 6PIN interface directing differently) are optional to power, which provides Graphic card independent power and reduces motherboard burden when using more Graphic cards.
  • WIDELY APPLICABLE: Suitable for all Window systems, LINUX and MAC.
Bestseller No. 27Bestseller No. 27
Razer Core V2- Thunderbolt 3 External Graphics Enclosure
  • Thunderbolt 3 external desktop Graphics enclosure
  • Connect your gaming peripherals with USB 3.0 Ports and Ethernet
  • Razer Chroma enabled for a truly spectacular gaming experience
SaleBestseller No. 28Bestseller No. 28
Wavlink USB 3.0 to 4K HDMI Video Graphics Adapter External Video Card for Multiple Monitors up to 3840 × 2160 UHD Ultra High Definition Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP and Chromebook
  • Connect an HDMI display through this USB 3.0 Adapter for a multi-monitor solution ideal for your Ultrabook or Laptop. (one adapter required per monitor).
  • The USB 3.0 to 4K HDMI adapter allows you to connect display via a standard USB cable with support resolution up to 3840x2160@30Hz or 3440x1440@50Hz.
  • External 2.1CH Microphone in and Earphone output make you use conveniently.
  • System Support: Windows 10, 8, 7, XP(32bit), Mac OS 10.6 to 10.13.3, Chromebooks,Android(5.0 or later) OS.Note: Macbook 10.13.4, Windows XP 64-bit and Surface RT, Linux, Unix are not supported.(see Display Link website for more details)
  • 1x USB 3.0 to 4K HDMI displaylink adapter, Quick start Guide, CD driver, 24 months worry-free warranty
Bestseller No. 29Bestseller No. 29
OWC Mercury Helios FX, External Expansion Chassis with Thunderbolt 3 for PCIe Graphics Cards
  • Elevate gaming performance or just add sheer computational power. Compatible with Mac and PC.
  • In addition to supporting NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, the Helios FX also supports any Thunderbolt-compatible PCIe card such as popular RED ROCKET and AVID Pro Tools | HDX PCIe cards.
  • Connect a GPU via ThunderboltTM 3 for lighting fast transfer speeds up to 40 Gbps
  • Built-in 550 W power supply, 375W to power NVIDIA or AMD GPUs; Simultaneously power and charge laptops (Provides laptop charging up to 87W)
  • (1) PCIe 3.0 (x4) slot accepts full height, full length, double width GPU cards, 3 Year OWC Limited Warranty
Bestseller No. 30Bestseller No. 30
GIGABYTE Gaming Box RX 580 8G Graphic Card eGPU (GV-RX580IXEB-8GD)
  • Embedded Radeon rx 580 8G Graphics card enables graphics-intensive game
  • Thunderbolt 3 Plug and play
  • Easy to carry with portable size
  • Supports quick charge (qc 3.0) and power delivery (PD 3.0)
  • Supports 3x USB 3.0 for peripheral devices

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Can I return my external graphics card if i am not happy with it?

Amazon overall have a great return policy is something is not right with your external graphics card (or anything else you buy from there) but also every product have a different warranty policy. we urge you to read and look carefully at the specific external graphics card you are looking to buy and see if the return policy there suits your needs.

The price for the best external graphics card is our of mu budget, what should I do?

We urge you to go outside of your budget when buying a new external graphics card. you should always feel right with your order and don’t over spend. just because an Item is a big lower on the list does not mean it useless. all the items on our top external graphics card lists are great and you should always order the one that best fit your specific budget.